Your Kids And The 80s

Can you count the amount of re-makes that has been accomplished in Hollywood? From the Karate Kid to the recently announced Dirty Dancing, Dredd, Robocop, Red Dawn, Mad Max, and etc. it makes the head spin to think of the countless ways of how once good movies are being destroyed.

In retrospect of the remakes, you then have to review music; Tainted Love, Every Breath You Take, Sweet Dreams, Missing You, I Want Candy and dozens more have been remade. Enough! The easiest way to walk down this memory aisle, is to bring your kids along.

I’ll Be Back

No one gets away quoting this unless it’s thee Arnold. The heavy accent and poor acting skills of the Austrian will always be a favorite. Arnold made action movies what they are and no amount of new breed can change that. Not even Jason Statham. Sorry ladies.

Dirty Dancing Movie Delayed

As it should be. The thought of commemorating Swayze’s memory with some watered down want to-be is not good for the movie business. Of course what is causing the delay is the inability to find the perfect leads for casting. Look, once Miley Cyrus’ name was dropped as a contender for Baby’s role…

Let those marks speak for themselves.

Movie Review

Ideas have dried up in Hollywood. When they are remaking from the greatest decade of movies, there is a severe problem. Hollywood has seemed to lost their creative zing! This should have been confronted when concerts of teen singers were released in national theaters.

Your Kid Tie

Show your kids the original works of true creativity. Sure it may be goofy to them but it was original! It created thoughts of ingenuity and had parents back in the 80s formulating fake movies with friends. Everything in Hollywood is surrounding computerized standards and that is dragging down the quality of film and plot.

Music, Where Art Thou?

A good dubstep song is a good deal, but honestly dubstep has been around since the late 90s. The reason why it has climbed the popularity chain is because people are hungry for creativity. The 80s had music, soul and rhythm. People danced and had a fantastic time.

Your Kid Tie

The next time one of your kids has a talent show? Have them sing Everything I Do, I Do For You by Bryan Adams. Not by Brandy and not by New Found Glory. Their peers may be a bit baffled by this option and may question who the heck Bryan Adams is? Come now, hit YouTube and show them an artist!

The Final Word

Originality is needed in Hollywood! The only way to do so is by integrating your kids into the original artist minds. They can be the next genius mind of Hollywood! Having them listen to remakes or watching them sends the wrong message. That cheating is okay and originality is limited to changing a word of an old song (OK a bit extreme, but you get the drift!)

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