World’s Top 5 Highest Paid TV Personalities

Televisions have become an inescapable part of the modern society and commonplace in business, homes, and institutions. It is also the main source for education, sports, weather, music, entertainment, advertising, and news. The wider popularity of small screen has also provided an opportunity to artists and performers to earn immense wealth, gain popularity, and enjoy celebrity status..

TV Personalities consist of actors, producers, writers, managers, reality TV judges, journalists, political analysts, chefs, VJs, sportscasters, talk show hosts, stars, reality show hosts, and game show hosts. The increased popularity of the television has also unveiled many personalities, ranging from reality show hosts to producers, television judges, talk show hosts, and small screen stars. They have also become household names, immensely wealthy, and enjoy celebrity status because of their small screen appearances, endorsements, and entertainment-related works.

Forbes “The Highest-Paid TV Personalities” list for June 2012-June 2013 include 10 personalities, whose earnings were highest during the same period. The top 5 highest paid small screen performers selected from Forbes list include:

Simon Cowell, with a net worth of $350 million and annual earnings of $95 million is the highest paid small screen personality. He is producer, talent judge, and British Music executive. He is known for his talent judge role in American Idol, The X Factor, Pop Idol, and Britain’s Got Talent. He is also the owner of music publishing and television production house Syco.

Howard Stern is born in New York City, New York on January 12, 1954. He is a television host, author, radio personality, photographer, and actor. His net worth is valued at $500 million, and his annual earnings are $95 million, putting him in a tie with Cowell for the top spot on the Forbes list. He is popular for his late night television shows, reality show judge, home video releases, books, and pay-per-view events.

Glenn Beck has annual earnings of $90 million. He is radio and television host, author, political commentator, producer, and media personality. He is known for the Glenn Beck television and radio program, Mercury Radio Arts, and 6 bestselling books.

Oprah Winfrey has annual earnings of $77 million and whooping $2.9 billion net worth. She was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, United States on January 29, 1954. She media proprietor, television talk show hosts, producer, actress, and also a philanthropist. She is known as queen of entertainment and reached the zenith of fame through her “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Dr. Phil McGraw, was born on September 1, 1950 in Vinita, Oklahoma, United States. He is a TV personality, psychologist, and Television show host. With his annual earnings of $72 million, he is ranked 4th on the Forbes. In the late 1990, he appeared in “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and that appearance made him widely popular and gained him celebrity status. In 2002, he launched his own television show, Dr. Phil, for advising on his guest’s trouble.

The other Forbes highest paid television personalities with their annual earnings include Rush Limbaugh ($66 million), Donald Trump ($63 million), Ryan Seacrest ($61 million), Ellen DeGeneres ($56 million), and Judy Sheindlin ($47 million).

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