What Is VEVO and How You Can Use It?

Since it started in 2009, VEVO has slowly but surely overcome all the negative feedback it received in its initial days.

Users who complained and disapproved of the VEVO – YouTube partnership because it made videos load slowly, have come around as fans and music enthusiasts alike seem to hog the popular YouTube channel.

VEVO is a joint venture by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media and offers music videos from the top three of the top four major record labels. The other biggie Warner Music Group was initially planning to join the VEVO mania, but instead ended up in bed with MTV Networks.

As more and more popular artists are listing their official YouTube channels through VEVO, it is remarkable how it has gained in popularity since MySpace's decline. It's also a good example of building a brand on YouTube, just like other famous YouTubers have in the past, from Smosh to The Fine Bros.

The success of VEVO can be measured by a report that states that the company has returned around $ 200m to rights holders since its launch. It also hosts live events and has millions of viewers watching them on its official website.

VEVO follows a philosophy of horses for courses and has partnered with YouTube, MySpace and Yahoo in different places. At present it is focussing its efforts on Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the Western European markets; including its plans to work on local versions of VEVO for each territory.

Recently, VEVO has started with an on demand TV Channel (like Netflix) dedicated to music in US and Canada, with plans to launch one soon in UK. Their focus is also in expanding business, especially in the mobile category, which necessarily doesn't involve cell phones {C}. The new apps that let you stream content on iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Xbox and Roku are just a start to VEVO's plans of expanding on a plan for more targeted content for viewers and advertisers.

In the past reports have been stating that VEVO only showcased age appropriate content that would appease advertisers like McDonald's, but it will be changing it in future with more targeted advertising options being offered by the company to advertisers who could rate and choose the type of content they would be happy to advertise with.

With all the economics of profit and branding, how does it fare for the artists and their fans?

If the numbers are anything to go by, fans prefer to watch the 'official' video of their favorite artists on VEVO's YouTube channel.

The branding and quality of content has certainly come as a boon for avid music fans who now know where to go for the first look exclusives.

Artists too are not complaining with all the dedicated exposure they are receiving. Also, things are looking bright for new talent who would have more TV time with the launch of the new dedicated TV channels.

But will the profits justify the means or will it end up being a victim to too much advertising just like the TV of yesteryears? Only time will tell.

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