Top 4 Movies From Abroad

Hollywood is an undisputed film maker in the world. Such fact makes the American public ignorant of other films outside the sphere of Hollywood, although it is the other way around in many countries. Movies from Hollywood are known the world over but many Americans are not all too aware of many good films from other countries until they are given a Hollywood remake. Here are some of the top films from abroad that merits accolade due to their creativity and Hollywood caliber.

1.) Pan’s Labyrinth–This multi-awarded Spanish film garnered recognitions from both Oscars and the Spanish Goya Awards due to its seemingly children fantasy appearance as well as a complicated adult fairy tale.

The plot of the story revolves around the life of Ofelia who managed to escape inconvenient everyday experiences by engaging in fantasy and using her wits. Ofelia is a 12-year old girl whose father, a military commander, is a sadist who cherishes the idea of having a boy instead of a girl.

2. La Strada–This movie is about the life story of a mute girl who was sold by her mother to a circus owner. The girl’s name is Gelsomina. She had unpleasant experiences with her master as the circus travelled from town to town. However, her pains are eased when The Fool is, a tighrope walker, is around. Gelsomina kept her feelings for him hidden. This movie is a highly-complex love triangle between Gelsomina, the circus owner, and the funambulist. Is play of three characters offers excellent unpredictable love triangle scheme in a movie that still rings true today. Definitely a must-watch movie.

3.) Le Femme Nikita–Some Americans may already be familiar with the TV series and movie of the same title but the original one in French is really a must-see. The French actress Anne Parillaud perfectly played out the role of Nikita, a female prisoner condemned to death for her wrong involvement in a failed robbery. She was forcibly hired by the government to either become an assassin or face death for real.

The American remake played out by Bridget Fonda was not even close to the original. Check it out.

4.) Tattoo–Set in contemporary Berlin, this movie is considered to be as good as that of David Fincher’s SE7EN. The story is about the thrilling search of two policemen for a serial killer that is trying to murder the clients of a renowned Japanese tattoo artist. The killer collects the decorated skin of his victims after killing them.

The story becomes complicated as the two officers deal with their personal devils: one is young and brash, while the other is older, cynical, and world-weary. The older policeman has a runaway kid whom he is trying to know the whereabouts while at the same time trying to solve the murders. This movie is an excellent combination of make-believe gangland world in Berlin, and the highlights of city’s art centers of the present.

Foreign films can best be appreciated in their original forms so it is highly advisable to watch above-mentioned movies in subtitles if you are a non-speaker. Many great new release dvd films have the same caliber as these four films but they still are my top 4 favorites due to their originality and content. Check them out to see what I mean.

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