The Bodybuilder Look Is Out-Dated

Ever since the late 90’s, the “Big Bodybuilder” look has become more and more unattractive

Back in the 80’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger became famous for his “Goliath appearance”, and there were (and are) many younger guys who look up to him, as well as admire his powerful physique. I’m not here to talk bad about Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you’ll have to admit that it wouldn’t be very practical in reality to have a body size like his. Plus, guys who are into mass building focus too much on leg work. This results in huge legs… I mean REALLY huge legs!

The women’s idea of attractiveness was very different to what guys thought… “Uh-oh!”

Men and younger guys wouldn’t listen to their counterparts about what they thought was attractive until 1999, when the movie ‘Fight Club’ came out. In this movie, Brad Pitt displayed the look that every woman wanted in guys… a slim body with defined muscles. It meant that being “ultra-lean” will good sized muscles (and in the right places) looked more natural and “pleasing to the eye”, than the “bulked-up” mass of a bodybuilder. Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt’s character) had the “look” that everyone wanted, and something that fellow Hollywood actors strive for.

Since that time, the “slimming down” had begun

Do you recall in your mind how big Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was? He looks fantastic, now that he’s “slimmed down”. Think about Will Smith, Ryan Renolds, and Matt Damon… all of these guys used to be big, but slimmed down and without regrets. Low body fat plus toned muscle is a winning formula for women. Bodybuilding magazines also believe in “bulking up, then cutting down”, but that is the wrong approach! You’ve got to become lean first, then add the muscle.

Does the “bulky look” still seem attractive to you?

I guess being huge is impressive to other guys in the gym since you look just like them, but with women… not a chance! There’s always a “goofiness factor” when someone looks like they’re overdone. It’s also impossible to have a “hip and happening” appearance if you’re carrying too much mass. Have you ever seen a NFL player, a bodybuilder, and a wrestler look better than a sprinter, swimmer, or boxer? Me neither, so please consider seriously whether you want to aim for that look, and by the way, its very easy to do it. Just eat a lot, and you have big muscles (but what they don’t tell you is that the unused calories end up as fat!). It’s harder (but much more worthwhile) to build “enough muscle” while lowering your body fat percentage, revealing every muscle fibre that you have.

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