Seagull Guitars: High Quality and Affordable Guitars!

Seagull Guitars are perhaps one of the best kept secrets when it comes to high quality, affordable acoustic guitars. And, for the acoustic guitarist with an ear for quality and an eye for beauty, Seagull guitars are definitely instruments worth looking into.

North of the Boarder

Founded in 1982, Seagull Guitars was the brainchild of Robert Godin, the owner of 'Godin', a Canadian guitar manufacturer that went into the business of building guitars in the 1970's. It wasn't enough for Godin to create good quality guitars, one of his (quiet) passions was to create high quality acoustic guitars; guitars with features such as solid tops and eye-catching finishes that would be within the budget of working musicians. It was this passion that inspired Godin and some of his friends create Seagull Guitars so that they could bring that dream to life.

While technically a sub-brand of Godin Guitars, Seagull Guitars are unique in that they only produce acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars at their LaPatrie Village workshop in Quebec, leaving the electric models in the capable hands of the larger factories. You could almost say that LaPatrie is a "guitar town" seeing as that over half of the population works for Seagull Guitars.

Using only wood from the oldest trees, Seagull acoustic guitars each have a cedar or spruce solid top, a feature that is known to lend itself well to the "aging" of guitars; meaning that the more the guitar is played, the better it sounds, and there are plenty of musicians who agree with that assessment.

A Flock of Seagull Artists

The beauty and quality of Seagull guitars inspires an almost fierce loyalty among many professional acoustic guitarists. Artists such as the acoustic guitar virtuoso Peppino D'Agostino, indie artist Emm Gryner, and the UK singer and songwriter James Blunt swear by Seagull acoustic guitars, as does Vancouver singer and songwriter Morgan Finlay and Todd Clark of Pilot Speed ​​fame.

The Models of Choice

By far the most popular Seagull model is the Seagull S6 Cedar. The S6 Cedar is incredibly well constructed and not only has a solid cedar top, but a hand finished neck and a rich warm sound that makes many other guitars in the same price range sound tinny by comparison. With a list price of only $ 399, the S6 is an awesome choice for the dedicated acoustic guitarist.

For those wanting a deeper tone, the Entourage Rustic S6 may cost a bit more than the S6 Cedar (with a base price of $ 439) but for those who prefer the sound the cherry sides give it, it may be worth the extra expense. Seagull has just recently also come out with an entirely new model called the Compound Curve Top, which is supposed to give the guitar's sound better projection than the older models. The price of the Compound Curve Top is considerably higher, running at about $ 700.

Why a Seagull?

Great tone, beautiful construction and excellent quality personify the Seagull acoustic guitar. When you are investing money in an instrument that you plan to play for a good while, it makes sense to invest in the best quality guitar for your money. Seagull acoustic guitars definitely give you exactly that.

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