Result-Based Career Decisions

Result-based career decisions help you make better investments throughout your career. So often we make decisions just because we see others engaging in some particular activity. We think they’ve discovered something that works so we better get on board and do it as well. It must be the right thing to do, right? But how do you know it’s the right thing for you?

How do you know it will produce the results you need?

What is result-based decision-making?

Simply put, you identify what result you want to have happen at the end of any given activity before you engage in that activity. This is especially important when it comes to making investments in your career.

For example, your choice to produce a new recording, is not simply to make the recording, but is also to share that recording by selling it. Now how often do you invest quite a lot of money in your recordings without actually having a concrete plan for how you’re going to sell it or how many you would like to sell before making the next one? What would actually be a satisfying result for your decision to invest in making your recording?

Yet, you might decide to make the investment without having your result in mind.

Result-based decision-making certainly has its foundation in setting achievable goals, and you might know by now that I’m a big advocate of setting goals professionally and personally. But more specifically, it begs you to ask yourself the question, “What do I want the result to be if I do this…?”

Why is this important? It helps you to frame your expectations more in line with reality. This in turn helps you to evaluate whether the decision to invest in the project, or potential service provider, like a publicist or radio promotions company or even making your next recording will fulfill your expectations and give you the result you are after.

It helps to spend some time before making any investment, getting clarity about what you really want to happen once you make this decision to engage in the activity. If once you know what you want the end result to be, you can ask better questions, state your desires more clearly, make sure you and the service provider are in alignment, make sure you can make back the money on your investment or negotiate a fair deal.

Here are four likely investment areas where you may need to consider your results before making the investment.

  1. Hiring a radio promotions company
  2. Hiring a publicist
  3. Hiring an assistant
  4. Working with an agent or in-house booking person

This week, spend a few minutes asking yourself, “What big activities am I about to engage in without considering the results I want to see from those activities?” Once you have your list of activities, then take each one separately, and come up with 1-3 results you would like to see from each one. When you have done this, you will be better prepared to jump in and get what you really want from your investment of time and or money.

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