News, Politics and Hair – Twin Cities' Women Provide Hair-Raising Opinions on Local Celebrity Looks

Fantastic Sams, which offers a full range of hair care and color services, conducted a survey among Twin Cities' women to elicit opinions on salon visits and hair color services but also wanted to take a pulse on local celebrity hair for some fun insights.

"We found that Twin Cities 'women not only have strong opinions on their own hair, but they have a lot to say about their favorite celebrities' hairstyles as well," said Ernie Valeski, regional director of Fantastic Sams of Minnesota.

Josh Hartnett, followed by Twins' player Joe Mauer, was awarded best hair for male celebrities, and actresses Jessica Biel and Cheryl Tiegs got the first- and second-place nods for women. On the other end of the spectrum, Jesse Ventura and Sarah Jane Olson were voted most in need of a hair makeover. Local news personalities with the best hair were KARE-TV's Belinda Jensen and WCCO-TV's Frank Vascellaro.

In addition, survey respondents provided the following thoughts on celebrity hair:

o Equal party loyalty: When it comes to politicians, party affiliation doesn't necessarily predict best hair picks. For the local mayor with the best hair, Mayor Rybak earned 62 percent of the vote over St. John's Paul Mayor Chris Coleman at 37 percent. In the ongoing Senate race, US Senate candidate Norm Coleman won this election with 66 percent to Al Franken's 34 percent. (Franken polled better in Minneapolis and St. Paul than he did in the suburbs.) Rybak received 72 percent of the Minneapolis vote and Coleman won his city as well with 68 percent, but suburban voters put Rybak over the top.

o Channel surfing: The race for best anchor hair was tight: KARE-TV's Belinda Jensen got high ratings here (25 percent), followed closely by WCCO-TV's Amelia Santaniello (21 percent). Santaniello's husband Frank Vascellaro narrowly edged KARE-TV's Sven Sundgaard and Mike Pomeranz (25 percent compared to 22 percent for Sundgaard and 19 percent for Pomeranz), with Jeff Passolt of FOX 9 not far behind (18 percent).

o Hollywood hits. While she received only 11 percent of the overall vote, actress Winona Ryder was particularly popular with redheads (and in St. Paul), and women with blond hair rated Mauer just as highly as Hartnett – the rest preferred the actor over the catcher.

o Aging gracefully: Women ages 51 to 60 prefer Tiegs' hair and women ages 41 to 60 like anchor Julie Nelson's. Likewise, Sundgaard draws rave reviews with the under 40 crowd whereas Vascellaro is a ratings hit with those over 40.

Survey Methodology
The survey, commissioned by Fantastic Sams and conducted by Stir Strategy, is based on a sample of 200 women living in the Twin Cities' metro area.

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