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It is interesting to see that even though the music industry is collapsing, and contracting in ways that it has not ever before music schools on the other hand are getting bigger and bigger. They turn out more graduates every year and now some are even starting bachelor programs. If ripping people off for associate degrees was not enough in an industry where only one in a thousand will even get themselves an internship in an actual music industry environment.

The internship itself is nothing to get excited about, as that person then will be required to be a running boy and work for free taking abuse from everyone around them. It is actually better to go straight to working in a department store, as your loan can at least start being paid off. It was amazing to me that the mood of the students and teachers contrasted so harshly when I was in the school myself. I went to the main music school located in winter park, Florida and without saying any names that should make it easy enough for anybody to locate.

Most of the faculty there were actually previous students that could not get a job anywhere else. Many were miserable, underpaid and tried to teach the rest of us the reality of the outside world. The funny thing was that no one was buying it, and everyone that I came in contact with thought that they could make it huge on their own as soon as they graduated. I remember asking one of the graduates on my first day, graduation was held than for some reason, what they thought of the school and hear that you get out of it what you put in. This was a phrase that was repeated to all of us hundreds of times during the school year and seems was something that you just learned to say to others.

I was very lucky, but not really, just harassed and made relationships with the right people to get myself an internship at a New York Studio right away. When I came into the work things turned out very differently than was taught to me at the school, but compared to the rest of my class I was very lucky as no one else landed anything worthwhile. I did my six months for free, and just as the money started coming in the studios around me started to close down. I was able to find a niche in a foreign speaking market and started a record label which did land quite a few hits on the radio and that moved me along.

This was in no part done with the help of the placement department, which even though I asked multiple times could not do anything more than give me addresses of the still existing music studios. It was so different before I enrolled as I heard that they basically guarantee of getting everybody a job. When I came into the picture the music industry was still very strong, but now after reading the news I find it really hard to imagine where these schools get all of their students.

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