Is Your 2007 Dream to Start an Online Business?

It was the Holiday season of 2003 and I had the dream of starting my own online Internet business. But how could I do that without any knowledge or experience with computers? Yes, I had played with a Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer in the 80″s. It had something called an 8088 processor. You had to write your own programs to make it work or use programs that were recorded on a portable tape player. I wanted the computer to work for me and not me working for the computer.

Let’s fast forward to 2003 again. My mentor told me that if I wanted to create an online business, I had to have a website. A what? Now, my mentor had made a few million dollars doing Internet marketing and I knew that he could teach me the way to my dreams and success. I found a website provider and started writing various messages, ezines, eBooks and articles for my new online business. I went “LIVE” with my website on January 3, 2004 and my life changed forever. This can happen to you.

During the year of 2004 I started collecting names and email address’s through my website. I gave away free information and created an electronic version of a book. That book is called an eBook. I could sell my eBook on my website. I started writing a bi-weekly ezine or electronic magazine about my site. The next step was to write EzineArticles for an international web publisher. Next I developed a workshop and seminar about my website.

When this happens, you will usually be offered to speak on teleseminars with other online marketers. This happens many times and from there you are invited to speak and do interviews on radio and TV shows. Many opportunities will start coming to you. I have made it a practice to say, “Yes” to most of those opportunities.

All of these things happened in just 1 year after starting my Online Business. This and more can be for you when you use these 10 steps to starting an online business.

1- Rekindle your dream. It is said that when you do what you love the money will follow.

2- Develop your dream into a business plan and marketing mindset. You’re USP, Universal sales proposition is what you are all about. Who wants what you are offering, why do they want it? Now give it to them.

3- Your website is your core business. Everything that you do must revolve around your core business or idea. If you don’t do this you may suffer from the idea roller-coaster and start moving away from your dream and the websites purpose.

4- Create a website that will be your vehicle to get your offer into that waiting marketplace.

5- Get an auto-responder software system to automatically send your messages, email and information to that audience.

6- Have your website auto-responder collect names and email addresses of your sign-ups. This is ethically and legally accomplished by having the auto-responder software double opt-in the signups.

7- Get an online merchant account such as Paypal or ClickBank to be your initial money depository. They will provide a way to easily start collecting revenue for your business.

8- Market to your list my offering great information and content as often as you can.

9- Develop new products, affiliate programs and joint ventures with other web business people.

10- Work your Online Business on a regular basis. Set your own business hours and stick to them. You may work 5, 10, 20, 40 or more hours a week. That is up to you. You are the boss, the CEO of your own Online Business.

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