How to Keep Top Brass Decisions Remain in the Boardroom and Out of Your Employees' Radar

When you talk about speech privacy, your mind may easily conjure up images of spies trying to use recording devices to tap on your private conversations over telephone lines or through your cell phones. Perhaps, you would imagine yourself as Matt Damon (aka Jason Bourne) in his heart-pounding run for his life before he remembers that he was the antagonist before he ended up as the hero; or perhaps, you would see yourself in the shoes of Leonardo di Caprio in his "catch me if you can" daredevil stance, as he slides down the pole from your chimney (Oh, that was Santa Claus, sorry) …

Not Just in the Movies

Hollywood movies have successfully drummed up the need to secure conversations inside homes, offices and clinics as if some bad guy is after your piece of news. However, it is not just the movies. In business, you should always remember that your customer is your competitor's prospect; any piece of news that your competitor intercepts could pose a real threat to your business.

You need white noise machines to secure your conversations; you also need these gadgets installed in your office premise in order to avert other ill-effects of noise that you may unwittingly disregard, until you see the problem eating up your financial reserves.

Threats of Noise

Noise pollution affects an individual's problem-solving ability, as well as distracts his focus at work, diminishes his level of efficiency and lowers his productivity. Sum these up and you have bankruptcy at the doorway.

Investing in white noise machines can help your business secure oral privacy where it should stay: in the boardroom.

Even employees have the right to secure their conversations, as well. Not everyone can be privy to what two employees may discuss in the course of their duties. In open-offices where cubicles provide office layout, it is hardly a matter of time before a conversation can become a gossip.

And what about that boisterous laughter, the opening and closing of doors, ringing of the phone, the whooshing sound of air-conditioners? These are distractions that may cause stress and poor concentration among those who easily get affected by the nature of their environment

Before the situation gets out of hand, it is best to find out how speech privacy can protect your revenue from the dwindling effects of poor productivity, caused about by poor office acoustics.

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