DirecTV D2 Advantage

DirecTV satellite service has introduced a new technology targeting multiple dwelling units. This new technology reduces the cost of installing the DBS service in apartments including smaller properties. DirecTV D2 Advantage is a centralized signal distribution system which distributes DirecTV service to each resident on the existing coaxial cable that is wired to each unit. All residents of building and apartment require only a set top box. DirecTV has launched this service into four places namely Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and Boise, Idaho and have strategies to expand it nationally in upcoming times.


  • This new MDU service is better than the previous MDU video systems as its installation cost is far lesser than the other.
  • With this service, subscribers do not require multiple dishes on balconies or rooftops.
  • Using the new technology, subscribers can drive home all kinds of DirecTV services including TV shows, more than 160 HD channels, Whole-Home DVR services, DirecTV Cinemplus, DirecTV2PC, Media Share and international shows etc.
  • DirecTV D2 Advantage delivers satellite signal from a single dish ( or two in case of international channels) over a single wire to a compact lockbox that houses the new DIRECTV 32-channel SWiM (Single Wire Multi- switch) units that transmit the signals over the building’s existing coaxial cable to subscribers’ receivers.

With DirecTV D2 service, property owners or managers can provide their residents easy DirecTV access. To use the benefits of the new service, property owners should search some sites regarding this issue to begin a three-step qualification process. The process is explained below.

  • First, owners of apartments or multi dwelling units should provide their individual details including name, tax ID number etc.
  • Secondly, they should provide DirecTV some details about their property such as physical location of the property, total number of units in the property, responsibility for the property(owner, property manager), of owner or manager of the property.
  • Lastly, owners should go with the TV service industry’s first online “Owner Right-of-Entry” portal that enables them to electronically accept the terms of agreement with DirecTV.

Once the owners successfully accomplish the process, they can go ahead for installation of DirecTV’s DirecTV D2 Advantage service on their property. The property owners are entitled to a cash bonus by DirecTV for a limited period of time. However the amount of the cash bonus for property owners are determined on the basis of the total number of subscribers in their property. DirecTV D2 Advantage will be installed and the property will be DirecTV-ready. When residents of the property want to subscriber DirecTV service, they simply have to call DirecTV, choose their programming package and make an appointment for an installer to activate service. They do not have to install any individual dishes. The DirecTV D2 Advantage is thus a great service for subscribers residing in apartments, small buildings and other such multiple dwelling units.

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