Can Jennifer Aniston Be As Happy As She Looks As a Single?

Are you 45 and single? Have you ever thought that if Jennifer Aniston can’t find her soul mate, what hope do you have?

Are you frustrated by stagnant relationships on all sides? Do you wonder if there is somebody out there for you at all?

I look at beautiful Jennifer who for all appearances has had some satisfying relationships with men over the years. Some last longer than others, but she walks away from them with dignity and grace. I have always admired that about her. Years ago she appeared on Oprah and she and Oprah dressed in jammies as if they were having a sleep over. She seems like a genuinely terrific person.

How can Jennifer not be with someone who is perfect for her? Personally, I can’t imagine the pressures of the hollywood lifestyle and I know nothing about her private life. Not one for the tabloids I’m not really up to speed on the latest gossip either.

I just know that from speaking to hundreds of women now from all over the world, if you are single, there is a very good reason for it. Some need to feel safe. Some need to feel validated. Some need to feel protected. While these are fine things to want, there is one big problem. This is a big key, don’t miss it.

No one can be 100% safe, validated or protected. That’s right. Life throws curve balls. Unexpected things change in non-negotiable ways. The only life guarantee we have is a simple one. I guarantee you that you will find the wit and wisdom to get through every single challenge, every one.

Some women argue. They claim to be ready for that soul mate to show up with all of their hearts. Each tells a story of disappointment and regret. I listen patiently and ask them what they dream of. What is it they want in their deepest heart. Many are too cynical to dream. Most just need a wake up call to get back out there.

Jennifer has close friends and I hope that she is happy. I do wonder why she is still single. I would love to ask her. What about you? What do you think?

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