Ballet – Various Art Forms

Ballet entails more than just putting on a tutu and dancing all over the stage with pointed feet. There is so much more to this craft beyond what the eye can see. The average person would find it extremely difficult to perform a ballet.

This is an art in which you must possess an extremely high level of passion, patience, determination, skill, creativity and professionalism. Without all of these elements we would not be able to enjoy such great ballets as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty.

You cannot compare such an art to those of an actor or an actress because unlike televison, there are not any stand-ins or stunt doubles; it is all quite natural and real.

Most people are most familiar with ballets that have graced the television screen a time or two but there are so many others in existence. There are many styles of ballet. You can enjoying the classics and more contemporary ballet styles.

Have you seen Giselle? Giselle first premiered back in 1841 in Paris. I am a helpless romantic and when you see it, it will definitely put you in the mind frame of Romeo & Juliet or Othello. I challenge you to see it. I have watched this a number of times and I love it. When I watch a ballet, I break it down and put it in a way that I can best understand it and I always try and apply to my life. I always take something away from watching ballet. It is full of expression, passion and it has a great story to tell.

Whether you are a ballet lover or someone who just appreciates the art of dance it is a great experience to go to the ballet. You can broaden your horizons and go to a classical, neo-classical or contemporary ballet but whichever you choose take a great friend so they too can enjoy it.

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